Do you hear bells ringing and champagne bottles popping? Yes, our website is finally here! Please let us know what you think about it in the comments. We feel so excited and blessed to start this project. Bringing some of the greatest songs of the last 40-50 years to you all is going to be an awesome ride.

Since this baby website is ready to rock and roll, there’s nothing better a show announcement to start dancing! We are going to be performing at Nirvana Rock Cafè, in Casette Verdini, within the municipality of Macerata: our neck of the woods. The show is on January 13th at 09:30 pm (italian time). We are going to be releasing some pictures and maybe a video from the performance. More details are below.

Venue Name: Nirvana Rock Cafè

Address: Via V. Vecchietti, 2

City: Casette Verdini

Postal Code: 62100

Province: MC

Country: Italy


Phone: +39 0733 715893

Email Address: